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August 31st, 2008

Wow- first post?

Ok - so this is my first post. My deployment is nearing it's end and i am excited to get back to real life.

I miss normal things like making breakfast and coffee on weekend mornings, sitting on my porch and watching the sunset, driving my car, going to the supermarket and buying groceries. I even miss doing laundry if you can believe it; that was never one of my favorite things but after so long, it would be nice to do my own laundry. I am also looking forward to wearing civilian clothes again.

Of course, what I am really looking forward to is going home on leave to see Matthew and my family. Spending Christmas will be wonderful since last Christmas here was atrocious.

In addition to that, I am going on the Soap Cruise in January to meet Bradford Anderson and Greg Vaughan from General Hospital and do all the other fun activities (though admittedly, I would go sit in a dank cave just for the chance to meet Bradford)

In February, I will be taking Matthew to Disney World. We love Disney and spending time with my boy will be great.

I am also looking forward to getting back to the gym and start working on my gymnastics again. I have really missed it. hopefully, I won;t be too out of it. I have found a new gym in Manhattan, KS that has adult fitness classes and are willing to let me tumble and have open workouts. I have also informally been offered a job there. so, when I get back I will be looking in to that.

OK - well, more soon.

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